(dis)integration Premiere

May 12-14 & 19-21, 2016, 8p

CounterPulse, San Francisco


(dis)integration is an immersive and magically unsettling contemporary dance about exotic people, racial ambiguity, assimilation, and the Romani Diaspora. (dis)integration addresses persistent stereotypes of ‘Gypsies’, unpacks Slender-White’s experience as a fourth generation Romani-American, and was instigated by Michelle Obama’s casual use of the ethnic slur, ‘gypped’, during the 2014 Working Families Summit.







Still Life No. 3 & spread t h i n, 2015
Commissioned as part of JuMP (Just Make a Piece)

Relief, 2015











Open Source Stepset Shift, 2014
Commissioned as part of JuMP (Just Make a Piece)












Invidious, 2014

Invidious looks at the deranged, disoriented, and broken components of American identity, at the destabilizing conflicts that lie just beneath each of our shiny exteriors. An intimate 50-minute dance-theater immersion, Invidious will be performed by 6 dancers inside a private residence in San Francisco’s Mission District.

FACT/SF danst Rosas, 2013

Falling, 2013

2012 FACT/SF Trans-Siberian Tour

Over 7 weeks, we gave 9 performances, taught 36 master classes, presented 3 lectures on contemporary dance, and created 2 new works. We traversed over 6,000 miles and two continents to share our work with thousands of dancers, artists, and members of the public in 7 different Russian cities.


Read all about our amazing tour on the FACT/SF Trans-Siberian Blog!


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